Pori, autumn run (2013-09-30)

Win, at last.

Formula K-frame was so sought-after that, it was sold immediately after the race in Kouvola. Now, we have borrowed a little used 2012 Energy. Adjustment of the chassis relies only to others instructions, our testing is done only on Friday in varying conditions, driven a few tens of minutes.

Practice, 2/19
All night long, continued rain is running out, the track is very wet. The best time for Topi Toikka, Santeri is the second fastest.

Qualification, 3/20
The track is still wet, and the weather is cool and wet, the rain has stopped. The track has plenty of room, but the time is not enough good, third place.

Prefinal, 1/20
The track is dry and we change new set of slics. Everyone drives with slics.
Starter box three, Toikka is master and the second box is Pykäläinen. Number one elbow on the inside is a little cramped and fourth started the Rauhala gets over, Santeri dropped to fourth. The new curve Rauhala skip Pykäläinen and Santeri use the same gap. Pykäläinen is alongside the following slight left, but loses control of his car. The end result Pykäläinen is pointing in the wrong direction. Santeri is now the third position. Round six, bypass Rauhala, at Martti's corner. But with Toikka round of 10 by-pass, re-Martti's curve. The rating is now the first and hit the finishing line. Batch of the best lap time.

Final, 1/20
Start-up from pole, the whole ride and race for the finish line first. Only Rauhala was able to challenge the first few rounds. Rauhala, however, had small technology problems since the beginning, so he started to stay Quietly. Pressing started the second Toikka was going to the extent that it could best lap times in spite of achieving. MyLaps

Video from prefinal and final: